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After collecting the Fingerprints



Your fingerprints will be taken on two FD-258 FBI cards.


These will be handed to you immediately following the finger printing process, as the person requesting the service is responsible for mailing them to the FBI in the USA.  


To avoid possible rejection of fingerprints by the FBI due to lack of quality, we recommend that you moisturize your hands several times a day prior to your appointment.  


Please consult the FBI website at the following link for more details: 


We recommend submitting an online request for a faster background report. Click on the link as: and go to "How to Submit a Request".


 Enter your e-mail address to start the process. Follow the requested steps by the website.


Any questions you may have about that process please contact the FBI office directly at


Please note: The COOP (Government Employees’ Cooperative Association of Lisbon) does not have access to your rap sheet report or any records.




Portuguese authorities may require legalization of the original FBI record and its translation.  


U.S. Embassies and Consulates are not legally empowered to authenticate or legalize criminal background checks or any other state-issued public document.  


The FBI will authenticate all U.S. Department of Justice Order 556-73 fingerprint search results by placing the FBI seal and the signature of a division official on your criminal background check at the time of submission.  Documents that are prepared in this manner may then be submitted to the U.S. Department of State in Washington by the applicant, to obtain the Apostille seal (legalization) on the document.   Any document which bears an apostille seal is legally valid for use in all countries party to the Hague Convention of 1961 which includes Portugal.  

For State Department contact and additional information please visit:

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